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Wednesday Whinge

Wow, I really have overdone things.

I’m back to struggling in the morning today and had to leave dressing / showering until after 12.00, when my painkillers had taken the edge off the pain and stiffness. Knees, hips, elbow, shoulder and neck are all hurting and I’m starting to feel some lower back pain, possibly as a result of sitting and moving awkwardly or compensating for the wonky joints. The knee has obvious swelling and the elbow is looking deformed again, but I’m trying to hold out until 8th December to see my Rheumy.

The cold might be adding to the problem, although my temperature seems to be all over the place. I feel freezing one minute but as soon as I put the heating on or wear extra layers, I burn up and start to get all clammy. I’m absolutely shattered too, so I think I will just do as little as possible and hope it passes once I’ve recovered from the weekend.

It was about this time last month that I thought I saw some improvement after the Tocilizumab infusion, but no such luck this time. I still don’t understand how my results are looking better when I feel like this. Things are never straight forward with Still’s Disease!


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