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So I just had a phone call to arrange a medical assessment for my ESA claim as one who is unfit to work. They want me to get to their centre in Bootle – Liverpool I think – without a car or public transport (Even if there was a route, I’m not exactly well enough to travel by myself). When I tried to question / explain this to the guy on the phone he told me that there would be directions in the post. Even after saying it wasn’t directions I was concerned about but transport, he said the same thing so I gave up.

The problem is, you have to go on the date they give you or you can lose your entitlement, which means I am going to have to find someone to take me and rely on them, yet again.

The appointment itself doesn’t bother me, but the fact that they expect someone who is physically unwell to be able to travel 20+ miles for it seems ridiculous, and there must be people worse off than me, thinking the same?


*gets off soapbox*


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