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The Christmas Markets

After building up my energy reserves, we went on a family trip to the Christmas markets in Manchester yesterday. It was something I’d been looking forward to for a while and was determined not to miss; it can be quite hard getting into the Christmas spirit when you spend most of your time at home – one of the reasons I’m missing work right now (There’s nothing better than being around children during the run up to Christmas).

The markets were wonderful and we enjoyed ourselves despite the wind, the rain and the cold. Thankfully, I was well wrapped up in my thermals and we managed to find shelter from the worst of it; and, although I did start to feel it my hip after a couple of hours, it didn’t spoil things.

I love looking at the different crafts, especially the handmade christmas decorations, plus there are so many different smells that it makes you hungry. We had a pork sandwich and hot chocolate (with Baileys yum!) and bought some fudge but I had to stop myself buying any more sweet treats. After a while, it got too busy for our liking and so we hobbled down some of the quieter street stalls and had a meal in the Printworks before going home.

It was a really lovely day and although I’m suffering for it today, it’s definitely worth it.

I’m well on the way to feeling Christmassy,


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