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Gastritis Returns

I’ve come to realise that the intense hunger pains I have been experiencing recently were not just steroid munchies after all, but the start of another Gastritis flare. Ugh. They became a lot worse very quickly, until suddenly they had developed into the familiar sharp ache in my upper stomach, causing agony after eating and drinking. The pain was so bad after eating my tea earlier that I was nearly sick again. I should have noticed the signs and realised sooner, but hopefully I’ve caught it in enough time to prevent things from getting as bad as they did last time.

I think I know the cause of the problem – I have been taking enteric coated Prednisolone tablets since being hospitalised with Gastritis in January, which are much gentler on the stomach; but for some reason my last box were just the regular type and this all seems to have happened over the time I was taking those. Thankfully, I was able to pick up some enteric coated ones from the pharmacy straight away, as my GP agreed this was more than likely the cause. He has also increased my dose of Omeprazole (a stomach protector) and given me an antacid; I hope these things together will be enough to keep a major flare at bay.

I was doing so well too. I’d managed to stick to the bland diet and had just been starting to try the  occasional ‘naughty’ food, but even so these were just tiny amounts so I don’t think these were a contributing factor. Looks like it’s back to the mashed potato again for a while now though. I suppose it will be worth it in the long run and I most definitely don’t want a repeat of January. I only hope it doesn’t mean I’m not absorbing my medication sufficiently, which we think was the cause of this major Still’s flare.

In other news, the sore mouth / tongue rash has returned after my second Infliximab infusion. Not unexpected but not pleasant either; at least I know it’s in my system doing something. I’m managing to get about on my crutches a little bit more each day, which means I’m shattered by 7pm, but it’s progress mobility-wise.

I may be a bit quiet over the next week or so, as my mum has just had fairly major surgery and, although I obviously can’t be her main carer, I am her main support right now.

I’ll post when I can,


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