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The highlight of each week for me recently has been my Monday Hydrotherapy sessions. I have made so much progress in just a few weeks; even my Physio is amazed. The first week it took me half an hour to actually get into the main part of the pool, with a lot of assistance from Jo;  over the next few weeks, that time became shorter and I needed less support, then today I was able to do it with barely any support at all. This means that we can now work on getting off the crutches out of the pool too, with some sessions on the parallel bars; brilliant news for me.

It also means we can add some more resistance to my pool exercises – so far I have been using the side bars to support myself, while slowly marching on the spot, stretching my legs to the side and to the back, with just the water as resistance. At first that was really difficult and I was very wobbly but, with practice, I became a lot stronger and sturdier on my feet (including out of the water too). So the next step is to add floats to my feet, to create stronger resistance, which should strengthen those muscles even further. Unfortunately, it’s bank holiday Monday next week so I miss a session, but at least I have my other pool to practice in.

If I’ve learnt one thing from this flare it’s that we need our bodies to be as strong as they can be.


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