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Instead of sitting around waiting for the effects of my latest Prednisolone reduction to knock me for six, I decided to try and keep busy to distract myself. I managed to have a nice Bank Holiday weekend, spending time with my visiting Aunt, had a morning at the local antique fair, Sunday lunch with family and another lunch with a good friend. I’ve worn myself out physically, but I seem to have kept everything else at bay so far and most importantly, I enjoyed myself.

I read somewhere that lemon balm is very good at lifting mood, so I bought some seeds that I’m going to try and plant today and keep in our snug. Apparently, ┬ájust the citrus scent of the leaves can work wonders and you can also make teas to drink too.

I’ve been looking into a few similar natural ‘remedies’ recently, not to try and cure myself or anything, but to assist in the healing process / improve general wellbeing. If anyone has any they’d like to share, I’d be interested in hearing.

Still need to find my get up and go, maybe I need to file a missing report.


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