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Physio today has been a hard slog but well worth it! I did a lot of work on the parallel bars and managed to start off where I finished last time and progress on from there. Balance and weight bearing were both better, I just needed to work on lifting the left foot more naturally and stop sticking my bum out!

To do this, we did some exercises sitting down. Firstly, she placed a step in front of my chair, quite far away at first, for me to practise lifting my foot up to the step – allowing it to bend from the knee instead of whatever I was doing! Each time I mastered this, she brought the step closer to make it more difficult. Next, She made me roll a football round with my foot on top of it – forwards and backwards, side to side, round in circles. Finally, we had a game of catch.

On trying walking in the parallel bars again after all this I found it much easier and managed to do a few lengths with just one hand. So¬†finally Jo agreed to let me try and walk with just one crutch. With another physio on hand just in case, we set up a chair a short distance away and I aimed to walk to it; but I did even better than that and managed to walk back to the waiting room. I had the occasional wobble and I was glad somebody was behind me, but I’m chuffed that I managed it. Jo was made up too and gave me a big hug, even though she’s the one that’s got me this far.

I was feeling a bit puffed out after all that so we finished up and just sat in the waiting room for five or ten minutes, while I recovered some colour. I’d turned a whiter shade of pale again but it didn’t last long this time. I was still tired when I got home though and fell asleep on the sofa.

My homework this week is to get a ball and play about with the exercises we did today. I wasn’t sure how a game of catch could help me get walking again but apparently it helps strengthen your core muscles as your body readjusts to counterbalance your movements. Plus it is supposed to help retrain your brain so that it forgets the bad habits it has picked up. Whatever the reason, it seems to have helped!

Not quite ready to go with just the one crutch on my own, but getting a helluva lot closer!

Watch this space!


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