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Down To One Crutch!

Had my physio session this afternoon and practised lots of walking with just the one crutch. Even after just a week of stability exercises I have lost a lot of my wobble and so I’m now allowed to get about shorter distances on just the one crutch 🙂 This means I’ll finally be able to carry things again, open doors and generally have a hand free to just ‘do stuff’.

Jo was really pleased but she is already thinking ahead to the next step – sticks. In fact, I had a go at using Fisher sticks (?) between the parallel bars; these are basically just sticks with a  flat, moulded handle that fits to the palm of your hand. I wasn’t too keen on how it felt because it is a lot more wobbly than with crutches. My hips felt the difference too, since you can’t put much weight through your arms with the Fisher sticks and so bear it all through your hips/legs, which is normal of course, but will take me some getting used to.

She’s not intending for me to use the Fisher sticks any time soon, but having a play now will give me chance to get used to them while they are so different. By the time I am ready for them, I’ll be a pro!

But for now, I’m just happy to get down to one crutch and to be able to celebrate by making myself a cup of tea and carrying it to the sofa myself!


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