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No Blood Left?!

Okay so that’s a slight exaggeration, but I went for my routine blood test today and as soon as I walk in the nurses’ room you could see the panic briefly cross her face. Apart from my two nurses at the hospital, nobody likes taking blood from me or inserting cannulas – after 16 years of regular blood tests and IVs, my veins are shot and even if they find my one ‘good’ arm vein it doesn’t always give.

Today I had the youngest nurse in the surgery, who immediately started flapping her arms and saying she didn’t want to do it. I explained to her that I had made a huge effort to get there on the bus, even asked if there was any chance the other nurse could try, but she eventually agreed to have a go herself. After asking me to show her where my ‘good’ vein was and four pokes in that area, she gave up as she couldn’t get a single drop of blood. It’s just impossible, she says, I don’t know what more I can do.

She asked me if it was possible to get my bloods done at the hospital, so I explained to her it is over an hour and a half round trip and not really practial. In the end she booked me an appointment to go back on Thursday, for the other nurse to have a go, but I’m really not sure I want to go. Not because I’m bothered about the needles but because I’m worried they’ll wreck the only vein they can cannulate for my IV Infliximab. My next infusion is on the 28th August, so there wouldn’t be long for it to recover.

I have been trying all of the tips I posted a while back. I even have my own rubber egg to squeeze in the hopes it pumps the veins up, but it seems these things are failing me too. I don’t know what happens next – I obviously need blood tests to monitor my condition and the effect of Cyclosporin on my Kidneys, but what if they outright refuse to try? (As today’s nurses now has).  A portacath was mentioned a while back, but I’m not keen on that idea after seeing the trouble my friend Kate has had with hers. I know the day will come eventually, but I was hoping to put it off for a while longer!



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