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I felt a whole lot better today, as always my feeling low came out of the blue and disappeared just as fast. It just shows how easily hormones and emotions can wreak havoc on us. Even so, I felt a little bit fragile and had a migraine to boot, so it’s been a quiet day of resting and reading and getting stuck in the bath tub (I should have known when I had to ‘fall’ in that I’d have trouble getting out, oops).

I’ve also had a serious case of the munchies; in fact, this is pretty much a daily occurrence for me now. I never used to be much of a sweet tooth, didn’t really like cakes and so on, but would have a biscuit every now and again. For about the past six months though, I’m constantly thinking about what I can eat next and if there are any sweets, cakes, biscuits in the house they are soon demolished! And when there aren’t, I find myself searching through cupboards trying to find something, anything to take the edge off the munchies! (Chocolate scroll cake toppers anyone?!)

I thought it was just the increase in Prednisolone that had brought this on, although in the past it has always been savoury foods that I’ve craved – chicken mainly, but eggs, cheese and creamy sauces too. However, when I was in the treatment room having my last infusion, it came up in conversation that Biologic drugs could actually be the cause – Five of us were all on one Biologic or another and all five claimed never to have been sweet-tooths before starting them; only two of us were on Prednisolone. And the nurses said it wasn’t the first time they’d heard such a conversation in there too, so there could be something in it.  No wonder weight gain and increased cholesterol levels are included in the list of side effects!

Speaking of which, I’m currently working on the information page for Methotrexate in the Treatments section and should have it finished shortly.

Now I’m going to see what yummy treats are waiting for me in the fridge 😉


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