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Sorry for the lack of posts recently; I haven’t been feeling too good at all and so am unable to put my mind or hands to much blogging. Ironic that when you have the most need to write about things, you are are least able to do so.

I’ve been spending most days propped up on pillows on the bed, unable to manage the stairs until late afternoon / evening when my second lot of painkillers kick in. This knee and hip just don’t want to budge and the pain in my lower back seems to be getting worse as a result of moving awkwardly. The left elbow is also locking up again at an angle, making tasks such as chopping food difficult.

Tramadol takes the edge off it but I’m still struggling and have resorted to using a home TENS machine as well. This is good for muscular problems (like my back) but hasn’t really helped my joints.  I had hoped to hear from my GP about changing my pain relief, but he has been away this past week. I have an appointment to see him on Tuesday though at least.

Until then, all I can do is as little as possible!


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There hasn’t been much to report since the surgery on Friday; I’m still on bed rest mainly, so as to keep my legs raised and help the healing process. The wound is currently repacked with Aquacel or Kaltostat every morning and then redressed, meaning a daily drive to the local clinic. It’s not the nicest experience, having someone prodding around in an open wound, but I had visions of it being much worse and I’m pleased to say the pain is only mild.

The first nurse I saw told me not to look, that they’d taken quite a chunk out of my thigh, so I didn’t. However, yesterday the nurse somehow managed to stick the dressing onto the wound itself, meaning that it peeled away and gaped every time I sat on the loo, giving me no choice but to face it. I made sure that the nurse this morning stuck the patch well and truly over the wound and taped it down doubly, as not only did it make me feel queasy seeing the gaping hole, but I was also worried about it being contaminated. I have had a wound infection in the past and it wasn’t nice; thankfully, this one is looking nice and pink, which I have been told is a good sign that it is clean and healing well.

I am not allowed to shower so am having good old fashioned flannel washes twice a day and my boyfriend washed my hair for me last night. He’s also looking after my little furbaby, Jasper, as I’ve been told to keep away from pets for a while; I’m sure I will have a very sulky bunny by the end of it. I think both of them will deserve a treat by then too, especially considering how close my squeamish bf came to passing out during the first dressings change.

Still’s -wise, everything is pretty much the same and being kept stable by the Prednisolone and painkillers. Tonight I am to make a couple of changes to my medication; firstly is to switch to Modified release Tramadol capsules, which I only need to take twice a day and should give me a more steady level of pain relief. Secondly, I need to double my dose of Methotrexate to 15mg.  This is still a lot less than I took when I reacted badly to it, but I’m still feeling a bit hesitant  – the ‘hangover’ side effects have gradually faded over the past weeks and now I have a feeling it will be like starting over, if not worse.

But that’s being negative and only time will tell.  I have to know that I’ve given the Orencia the best chance of success before giving up on it; this could be just the boost it needs.


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Sexy Surgical Stockings

It has been two days since I had the surgery to remove the scarred/infected tissue from chronic Hidranitis in my left groin and things are going okay. I still have to wear my lovely stockings and keep my legs raised, so I am in bed surrounded by books, Dvds, my laptop, phone, Kindle and DS just in case I get bored.


The pain isn’t too bad, a little bit worse today than it has been so far but I’m keeping up with the four doses of Tramadol a day.  What bothers me is how much blood is soaking the dressing, the patch gets bigger every time I look at and all I can smell is blood. I can’t wait to get it changed tomorrow because it makes me feel really grotty. At the same time, I’m dreading it because I know it will be uncomfortable, maybe even painful.

I had a nice treat though today – to celebrate four years together, my boyfriend cooked me a huge steak, chunky chips, corn on the cob and peppercorn sauce and served it to me in bed with my own little candle on the tray 🙂

For every cloud there’s a silver lining,


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Our friends’ campsite wedding and barbeque reception went really well yesterday. It was a fun idea and I was able to pace myself thankfully, although I have to admit that I spent the majority of the evening in a camping chair by the fire, wrapped up in a blanket that I sneaked out of the hotel – of course, I returned it later!  0:)

We had originally meant to stay on the campsite in a ‘pod’ (basically a wooden tent), but were double booked and so changed to a nearby hotel instead.  I think this was probably fate.  I was sooo glad to be able to go back to a nice warm bed and a cup of tea afterwards, especially as it was raining quite hard as well as being freezing cold.  Don’t think my poor bones would have appreciated waking up on a wooden floor this morning either; in fact, it doesn’t bear thinking about!

The full does of Tramadol helped the first day I took it, but for some reason it now doesn’t feel any different to taking half as I was before.  It takes the edge of some joint pain but my left arm is still extremely painful, especially during the night. I’ll keep up with it until I see my GP again though.

I’m absolutely shattered, so I shall leave it short and sweet.

Hope everyone had a good weekend,


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