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Just a quick note for now.  The week has soon passed and it’s already time to take Methotrexate again.  The nausea has eased a little this past week but I still get pain after eating and people are noticing that I am losing weight again, despite the Prednisolone.  The thing that bothers me most is that I’ve lost the little bit of colour I seemed to have in my face after starting Orencia, it’s disheartening seeing that grey pallor in the mirror every morning – I’m starting to look almost as bad as I feel.

I asked for them to check my Folate levels on behalf of my GP last week, then forgot to check the results with them. I’m guessing they would have said if the level was too low though; need to be careful because of the Megaloblastic Anaemia I was diagnosed with just prior to starting Methotrexate.

Got to plod on with it…


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